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The Magic Ideas Newsletter - Premeire Edition 

From: Roger Haeske

Dear Success Minded Friend,

What are some of the greatest secrets ever revealed in the history of mankind? You're about to find out. The best part is that many of these Magic Ideas take five minutes or less to improve your life.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you can expect to achieve by simply reading the Premeire Issue... 

The Magic Ideas Newsletter
Special Edition - With Triple The Normal Content
(74 Pages Long Plus A Super Ebook)

What is the greatest secret in history? Along with this life-altering secret, you'll also get the ebook version of The Greatest Money Making Secret In History. This is an uplifting and inspiring book written by Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the experts who appeared in the movie, "The Secret." (This secret will revolutionize your life and is by itself worth the full price of the newsletter.)

How to command waves of massive energy, power and charisma.
Once you realize this Universal truth, nothing will stop you from experiencing a constant joy so overwhelming that you feel like crying in gratitude. Each day becomes a joyous adventure almost irregardless of outer circumstances. You can be living in a hut on a deserted island and yet you're experiencing paradise. Money, fame, and success are nothing compared to this feeling. It's the ultimate goal of humanity and anyone can have it, at any time, by understanding the secret that unleashes it.

Are you subconsciously sabotaging your happiness? How to recognize and correct this self-sabotaging behavior within five minutes. One of my coaching clients gladly paid me $500 to learn this technique.

What two factors are much more important than wealth for enjoying your life to the max?

What are the 10 Inspirational quotes that activate the "Law of Attraction" simply by reading them? 

What is the spiritual secret I used in college to attract girlfriends even though I had serious self-esteem issues when it came to women? 

What's a simple trick that can double your productivity and get you a raise? This is an aspect of human psychology that most corporations have no clue about. Hence, if you show your boss or your company this magic idea, it could mean millions and possibly billions in extra profits. How much of that extra money will come your way in the form of a raise, promotion or even partnership opportunities?

What's a way to overcome writer's block in less than 30 seconds? (Total time to read and master this Magic Idea... 21 seconds.)

How I went from being a lazy slob to hating it when my time is wasted! (Anyone can learn and use this idea to be much better at time management.)

What process can you use to command untold power and magnetism? All of the greatest leaders in history have taken advantage of this "little understood" method.

Here's the Premiere Edition of The Magic Ideas Newsletter 

Magic Ideas

Here's your chance to get the first issue of the Magic Ideas Newsletter. This is a powerful issue with triple the normal content. It's a 74 page PDF file which can be downloaded with Windows and Macintosh computers.

Want to see what else you'll get in this special edition issue?

Don't you hate it when you forget how to do something and you have to spend hours relearning it? Now you'll instantly know how to complete difficult tasks such as using a graphics program like Photoshop, even if you haven't used it in over a year. (This simple idea can save you many hours of wasted time each month. Now multiply this by all of your employees or the people working in your corporation. Here's another magic idea that could put more dollars in your pocket via getting a raise.)

What are the five secret questions I used to crush a long-standing addiction of mine?
(I give complete and step-by-step details on a personal bad habit I changed during the very month I wrote this newsletter. It's been over two months now and the new habit is firmly in place. The best part about this is that you can start using these questions within three minutes and you needn't use any willpower.)

Why you'll never succeed at breaking addictions if you rely solely on willpower.

What's a fail proof way to implant a positive first impression in the mind of anyone you meet? The interesting thing is that this actually works before you physically come into contact with the person.

What instant perspective change will help you solve problems that have plagued you for years? Now you can fire your expensive psychoanalyst and success coach because you'll learn the secret to being your own coach or consultant.

Are you missing out on these exciting adventures every night of your life? Learn the easiest technique to achieve lucid dreams. I accidentally discovered this many years ago while attending a tennis instructor seminar. Once you become conscious (or lucid) in your dreams you have full control and can fly, have sex with a centerfold, visit other countries, planets, spy on celebrities or secret government agencies all in full color. Do whatever you want, it's your dream, you'll have full control. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

Which inexpensive, anti-aging superfood can be found in markets all over the world?

Eating this superfood is the quickest way to a healthier and more alkaline body. It will raise your pH faster than any other food I know of.

Makes you feel full on fewer calories.

Creates an increased feeling of happiness from the cellular level.

What are 2 simple - seemingly illogical ways - for skinny people to put on weight and look healthy?

Twelve tips and tricks for getting more of this life saving miracle nutrient. This nutrient is essential to your health and can prevent many kinds of cancer, heart disease and much more. Yet most people get so little of it that they risk having a heart attack.

How can this magic formula help you pay your bills? (Almost everyone is subconsciously doing just the opposite.)

Is there really gold dust in the air? Learn a unique visualization exercise designed to program your subconscious mind to attract abundance.

Which of my email messages gets the most positive comments of all?

Why is it that logic and common sense can sabotage your ability to be successful?

Why do most people fail at visualizing for success? It has to do with one of your five senses and the rules your parents and society programmed you with during childhood.


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